Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Handling the Foals

The first thing this morning was to check on the mares then take Madeira out of the paddock and try to load her. She remembered her lesson yesterday and walked right into the trailer with no hesitation at all. The second time I asked her to step into the trailer by herself and I stayed behind outside the trailer and again she stepped right in without hesitation. I believe she is now trained to load when asked, at least in the stock trailer. Later I'll try the Exiss trailer as that has a ramp.
After the walk I drove to the Berean office and arrived exactly 1 minute late but already 2 of the helpers were already there waiting to be let inside. Mary and Cindy beat me to the office today. We were joined by Dave and Carol and between the 5 of us had all the work done in an hour.
Once I was back at the farm, Star and her filly were taken into the stall barn, the halter put back on Elsa and she was groomed all over, even her belly. She needs to know we are allowed to touch her where ever and when ever we want. She was most unhappy about me playing with her ears but soon accepted it. She was great with tying today that is until Star was put in the next stall and only then tried to pull back and fight the rope.
She really needs to try now before she gets big and can break things. She is pretty sensible and quit fighting quickly. Today she was excellent with me handling and picking up all four hooves. No kicking or struggling. These Friesian foals learn so quickly. Next they were taken to the outdoor arena for a few pictures to update the website. Elsa is now 2 months old.
 She is a fancy mover getting high off the ground with her big trot and canter. 
 This filly really has the mega hair. Her mane sticks up like a mohawk. 
This evening mom took Mark and I out to dinner before church. We ate at HyVee, all three of us getting the salad bar. The food was fresh and delicious plus HyVee is close to church making it easy to make it to church on time. Mike Rieker had the message today. Carol shared that Mike tore the retina in his eye again and will be having surgery soon.

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