Sunday, June 4, 2017

Too Old

I'm just too old to be a new mother. I'm exhausted and it has only been 2 days of caring for this now 17 day old colt. He is drinking much more and seems to be always hungry. I fed every three hours yesterday with the last feeding at 10:00 pm which was a double portion. Then last night I woke up at 2:30 am and took another feeding out and he drank that right down. I over slept this morning not waking until 6:15 am so this next feeding was at 6:30 and he thought he was starving.
He is suppose to be going to Dr. Hoerr's with Sally on Tuesday afternoon but last night my mind kept my body too restless for sleep wondering if the vet clinic would feed him enough. What a stupid worry, of course they will!  So far we have no diarrhea and he has lots of energy.
On a good note Sally is great in a stall. I don't believe in all the years we have owned her that we have ever stalled her except during the camping trips and those weren't enclosed stalls. It took just a few minutes to clean her stall up. The colt (which really needs a name) kept trying to climb over the wall to be with Sally when she turned to eat her grain. He is starting to believe she is his mother, hopefully Sally will believe that same thing soon.

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  1. Bless his little heart! 😍 And God bless you for your loving, compassionate care for this sweet, orphaned baby. Hoping and praying for mama and baby to form a bond with each other soon,and relieve you from surrogate motherhood. But in the meantime, draw strength in knowing what a labor of love you are performing. God bless you!