Sunday, June 11, 2017

40 Years

After church today the kids and grand kids met us in Bartonville at Good Tequila's then here to help Mark and I celebrate our 40th anniversary. Can't believe its been 40 years, well actually tomorrow is the date. We got married June 12th, 1977.
Nolan helped with teaching Rosaleigh that she must stand still when I'm taking a bit of milk out of her udder.
She tried to kick a few times but by the end of the session was willing to let me massage her udder and draw enough milk for testing. She is testing blue at 150 meaning we have some time. Rosaleigh was taken back out to the paddock she shares with Roxanne. We are having a heat spell with our temperatures in the 90's all week but the stall barn is well insulated and still cool. We may need to turn the air conditioner on in a few days.
Sally's udder is filling, she was given both her meds this afternoon. Tomorrow Karin is here so the plan is to try to put them together then.
Pray that Sally accepts Eli but even more important pray that Eli will try to nurse.
After feeding Eli and giving Sally her shots we headed over to the playground. A bunch of people were swimming. Mom, Diane, Sarah Reinhard and I played a game on the balcony. Spark, Rhonda, Mike, and Mark came out to watch. The volley ball players arrived and the games were started so we all ended up on the playground side to watch and had a good evening playing with the grand children and visiting until dark. More pictures were taken and hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to down load them and start posting. I still have the Dallas  pictures to download too. Hard to get back to that kind of work when there are grand kids just waiting to play.

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