Saturday, June 3, 2017

The First Day of the Orphan

I put a double batch of milk in his pail last night around 10:00 pm then went out first thing this morning just before 5:00 am with the regular amount of 3 cups. The colt slurped it right down and the bucket from last night was empty. He is given 3 cups every 3 hours and seems to be doing well on that. Karin came over and we decided to lead Sally out of the stall barn and just open the door for the colt to see if he would follow her. He did.
 He was so glad to get out of the stall he started prancing around, tucking his head and springing forward
 finding it hard to keep his feet on the ground. 

It was really hot today and I didn't want him stressing himself so we didn't leave them in the round pen very long. When we took Sally out he took off running and got a little far away, Sally called to him and he answered. We were thrilled with that response. Unfortunately after that he headed over to the pond pasture where he and Eliza had been and was sure she must be in that pasture. He forgot all about Sally and was running back in forth in front of the gate trying to get in to that pasture to find his mom. At that point Karin caught him, put a lead rope on him and brought them back into the stalls. A few hours later I tried it again but this time just went straight to the back, let them graze a bit and then straight back into the barn and this time he stuck with Sally. I should have quit then. We had a customer bring a mare in for breeding this afternoon, when Sally and the colt were walking out of the barn, she saw us,, called and the colt went running back to the pond pasture gate. He had to be led into the stall again. Sally is watching for him, checking where he is and is starting to believe he may be her responsibility.  The farmer came today to cut the hay just a storm clouds started gathering and thunder rumbling but thankfully the storm went a different direction. 

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