Friday, June 23, 2017

So Many Fun Things

We had a decent rain storm this morning and even walked in the rain with umbrellas. This is great except Karin and I were suppose to go to Middle Grove to pick up Whitney and the drive isn't passable after a storm. Mike had the idea of loading up the 4 wheeler and using that when we reached the drive. That worked perfect. Below Karin is bringing Whitney in from the field. The horses were WAY far away making it even better that we brought the 4 wheeler.
 Below Karin is out of the pasture and heading to the road. 
 It is probably more than a half a mile to get out to the road so that 4 wheeler saved us a tremendous amount of steps today. 
 Below Whitney is loaded in the front and Karin has just loaded the 4 wheeler in the back. 
 When we got home Whitney was put right into the outdoor arena so I could move a bale in her paddock. The middle paddock also got a new bale. 
 While Whitney was in the arena, Karin brought Evan out to work in the round pen. Below she is leading him over. 
Of course with a girl right next door, Evan has to show off. 
 He soon settled down to work.
When I took  Whitney back a fox came running across the drive heading to the pond. I took the ramp for the 4 wheeler back over to Mike's and on the way back this doe was standing right in the middle of the drive. 
Of course I needed to zoom in a bit to get a better picture. 
 Madeira was brought out next, loaded into the trailer just for practice then taken to the round pen. 
 She was excellent so put over into the outdoor arena while Valiant was brought out. 
Valiant doesn't react like Evan but was still very interested in the fact that there was a mare right next door. 
 Karin finished his training up with a sit. 
 Rhoda arrived just as Valiant was being put away. She brought Madeira out to saddle, bridle and put weight on her back. 

 She ended with letting Ruby take a ride on Madeira before putting her away. 

 After lunch Rhoda tacked up Whitney and took her on the 'death trails' by herself. 

 The ride was successful. We are going to really miss this mare if she sells. The farrier arrived to trim Whitney and Roxanne. We were all surprised at how well Whitney stood for the farrier, Chuck. 
 That's some BIG hooves getting trimmed. 
 Whitney and Chuck making eye contact. 
Roxanne was next. She was not as well behaved as Whitney but Chuck got the job done. After Chuck left it was time to head inside to make dinner. Mark brought home fresh corn on the cob which was delicious. After supper he went out to grade the driveways but I went over to play games at mom's house. I had to quit before the game finished as Ralph and Jamie brought their mare Dakota here to be bred to Valiant. She was teased but is not yet in. She will be staying for a while.
Ralph and Jamie stayed to visit about an hour. Now it is more than time for bed. Another great day. 

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