Friday, June 9, 2017

Eli's UPdate

Diane, Joan, and Ruth checked on the colt yesterday morning reporting he had gone and gone a lot. Jessica reported he drank down 5 cups of formula at 6:30 am but by 10:00 am he was squirting watery diarrhea. So we went from one extreme to the other. As I am not there to monitor the situation I sent a text to Rhoda to see if she could haul him to the vet but she was at work. The good thing about that phone call was she knew that Emily was off work so Emily was called to see if she would haul him and she could. She and Jessica took Eli to Dr. Hoerrs around 1:00 pm. Eli still had diarrhea but was strong and all vitals looked good. Dr. Hoerr sent the girls home with him and new formula specially for him. They gave him biosponge to help with the diarrhea. I'm so thankful for Jessica, she is watching him like a hawk.
Mike got Jazz the outside mare covered by Valiant so maybe, just maybe I'm not irreplaceable.
Here in Dallas we are having a ball. We had beautiful weather and all got too much sun playing by the pool and hiking to the creek. Ben used his smoker to cook us the best biggest meatiest most tender ribs we have ever eaten for dinner. Pictures from the day will be added once home, I don't want to take time away from playing with the grandkids to spend time on the computer.
A very nice email came in from the lady that bought Jewel's 2014 filly by Evan. She writes:
Good morning,
Sky was evaluated by a USDF gold medalist and training recently.  Just wanted to let you know that she was deemed to be outstanding with a floaty trot and should exceed in dressage and wouldn't be shocked if she made it to Grand Prix level with the right training.  She is now sitting at 16.3 and not even 4 yet. She begins training in a couple weeks.

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