Saturday, June 10, 2017

Made It Home

Karin, mom and I woke up around 4:00 am and took off for home just before 4:30 am. We had to wait for the coffee maker to finish first so we could each fill our cups with that oh so important morning brew. We had a good trip and had a great time at the Dallas Sceggel's house. Pictures will be worked on tomorrow.
As soon as I got home the colt, Eli needed to have his 6:00 pm feeding. Jazz was teased and since she is still in covered by Valiant. Sally was checked. She is starting to get an udder. Rosaleigh's udder was checked and it looked like she has waxing. She didn't want me pulling on a teat to get milk and there is no one here to hold up a front leg so she can't kick me which meant no testing the milk tonight. She was just moved in a stall. Neither of the foaling monitors are working. The power was reset but they still are not coming on. I'm probably too tired to get up during the night so hopefully if she does deliver all will go well. This is Rosaleigh's first foal. Mark is at Bach Fest in Peoria and won't be home until late. Time to get a nap in before heading back up for another feeding for Eli.

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