Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Rosaleigh Has a Colt

On the monitor this morning I noticed Rosaleigh walking around the stall like she was in labor. When I got to the barn with Eli's milk Rosaleigh had dropped and was pushing. The camera was taken out and below are the pictures of the morning. 

 trying again to get up
 almost up
 and he is down
 made it up by the 4th try and stumbled over to mom
 very close to finding the milk. 
I left when it was obvious he had the determination to find the milk bar and was getting up on his own. Rosaleigh is being a great mom. So thankful. 


  1. Hurray for a healthy colt and a good mama! Lots of colts being born this season. 💗🤗

  2. Congratulations he is beautiful.
    I think there hoofs look interesting when they born. How long until they turn normal?

    1. As soon as the foal stands the hooves harden. Within minutes the foal slipper is gone.