Monday, June 26, 2017

Sunday's Activities

Of course Church is the main activity of the day. Thankful to be there. After church the kids came over minus a few. The Texas Sceggels didn't make it for dinner (imagine that) and Lee didn't come. The kids did not swim, it was just too cold for that but the weather was perfect for volley ball, playing on the playground, fishing and sitting around a campfire.
Karin helped get Rosaleigh covered by Evan. We decided to stay with him as those two produced an exquisite colt that is as friendly and sweet as he is beautiful this year.

Everyone stayed late to watch the fireworks someone across the lake was letting off. When we got home Emma was in the bathtub and wouldn't get out. David was trying to help me lift her out believing she was stuck in there then Mark got the great idea to offer her a hot dog. She very quickly was able to get out of the tub. That funny, HUGE almost 180 pound Mastiff was afraid of the fireworks.

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