Thursday, June 22, 2017

Madeira's Pictures

Our walk was interesting this morning, mom is getting a smart phone and we were discussing ways to make it efficient for her. Diane gave her a practice phone but this will be quite a change from the old flip phone mom has had for years. After the walk I drove to Berean and was joined by Edie and Anna. We three got the Bibles stuffed, wrapped, stamped, labeled and loaded all within an hour. When I got back Star and Elsa were taken inside for Elsa's instructions. Each day Elsa is haltered, tied, groomed, hooves picked up and led around the stall a bit and each day she is getting better and better. Once they were put back Madeira was taken out for a loading refresher then taken into the outdoor arena for new pictures for the website. Madeira is an IALHA registered purebred Andalusian mare standing about 16 hands tall. Her sire is black and her maternal grandsire is black giving her a good chance of throwing black when bred to Valiant. She has the typical Andalusian mega mane and tail.
She also has that amazing powerful Andalusian movement.
Andalusians were bred to be athletic, quick and powerful as they are used in Spain for bull fighting. 
I have a couple people interested in Whitney who is now for sale as a 2/1 package.

Whitney was bred to Valiant and is due March 11th, 2017. Karin is going to meet me tomorrow morning to pick her up at Middle Grove as she needs her hooves trimmed and the farrier is scheduled to come tomorrow afternoon. The people interested in her want to come Sunday afternoon to see her so that is perfect timing. The four foals here were all handled today. Star's filly,
Eliza's colt,
Zalena's colt,
and Rosaleigh's colt.
That is one benefit to having them here. They get lots of attention and schooling. Hopefully they will remember this at weaning.  We really are blessed with amazing babies, they are as sweet as they are beautiful. 
Mark is out mowing this evening. We have had nice gentle rain showers 3 days in a row and the grass is growing fast. 
Diane came over with some delicious cherries from Christ Orchard. What a great snack for the evening. 

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