Wednesday, June 14, 2017

New Pastures

This morning after the walk, Emily and I drove to Middle Grove for 2 reasons. The first was to pick up 2 mares for a show on Saturday and 2 mares for their scheduled ultrasound on Friday. The second reason was to move the herd from the summer pasture to the 76 acre pasture. That pasture has not been grazed for 2 years and the grass is thick and tall, more than enough for the 40 horses there for a few months. Below Emily is haltering Jewel to take her to the trailer. Notice how many horses are all standing at the trailer? These were not going, they were just there in case we wanted to take them.
 By the time we were ready to load Jewel, Jenis, Ayanna, Zalena and Flynn we had 11 horses surrounding the truck and trailer. 
Once the 5 were loaded, Mike got on Mika, Emily got on Sangria and I got on the 4 wheeler to start moving the herd. This went almost ok but at the last minute more than half of the herd took off the wrong direction and we were only able to get some through the gate into the 76 acres. The rest of the herd ran all the way back to where the trailer was parked (a LONG way from the gate). By this time Mike was on the 4 wheeler, Sangria had been let loose in the 76 acres to show the mares there where to go and I was guarding the gate while the other two went to get the rest of the herd. When they didn't come back and I was pretty certain Sangria had led the herd to good grazing, I left the gate open and started hiking back to the trailer. The second trip I drove the truck and trailer to the top of the hill, Emily led Lily who is a boss mare and Mike brought up the rear on Mika. We got all but 3 of the horses through the gate leaving only Madeira, Wicktoria and Bethany. Those three have never been in that pasture and again took off for the trailer. Thankfully this time the trailer wasn't as far. I looped a lead rope around Bethany and started leading her, when Wicktoria came up to see where I was taking her, I just put it around her and left Bethany loose. Emily came up the hill and led those three through the gate and we were good to go! The weather was extremely hot and humid and we were all exhausted but thrilled this job was done. To see a few pictures of the horses there before we started moving them click HERE. When we got back to the Hanna City farm Zalena, Flynn and Jewel were put in the paddock with Roxanne while Ayanna and Jenis were put in a different paddock. Rain was predicted but it was still very hot and sunny. Zalena and Flynn were hosed to cool them off then the camera taken out for a few pictures for Flynn's owner.

Next Sally and Eli were brought into the air conditioned stall barn and fed. Below Eli has his head in the bucket.
Sally's grain was in the bucket, he had already finished his milk but wanted to try what she was eating. He is doing very well but I am still supplementing formula 3-4 times a day until Sally's milk supply builds up. 
Rosaleigh and her colt are doing great. The colt has not yet been outside the stall, it is just too hot and sunny. Black newborn foals cannot regulate their internal thermometer and can very easily get over heated and die. I took a few pictures of him for the website. He is just one day old but doing so well.

A bit later we had a storm come through that dumped a half inch of rain. We were so very thrilled. Everything has been dry and the fields needed rain. We were thankful for that half inch but a few hours later another storm came through dumping another half inch of rain but also hail. I was thankful the foals were indoors. 
Tonight Clark Stoller spoke at VBS in Peoria in place of church. The message was on the 5th commandment, the first with a promise. Of course all of us parents were listening intently. 
On the way home from church we saw an amazing sunbeam coming through a golden lined cloud and shooting way up into the heavens. Diane used her phone to get the pictures.
 We couldn't wait to get out of the city to see the sunset better and were thrilled that this sunset lasted much longer than usual. 

The sunset was gorgeous. The phone just couldn't do justice to the real thing. Of course the song running through everyone's mind was It's Sunset and I'm Going Home.  The chorus goes: God paints the clouds in the evening sky to show me the way to the palace on high. 
As soon as we got home Eli's formula was mixed up and taken out to the barn. Sally and Eli were both waiting to be brought in. Rosaleigh was fed and watered and the stall picked out. Now I'm ready to say goodnight.  What a day.

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