Monday, June 12, 2017

No More An Orphan

Eli has been adopted by Sally. We could not be more thrilled. Both Karin and I am amazed at how drugs can alter the body AND the mind making Sally produce milk then making her believe she has just given birth to this big 23 day old colt.
In the picture below the colt was nursing for the first time since he lost his mama 8 days ago,
Sally is nuzzling and licking him as if she had just given birth. We were a little afraid to take her off the lead rope hardly believing it could really be this easy. She is totally in love with him and won't let him walk out of sight, following him around as if he was a newborn. 
 We are still supplementing formula as Sally will need a bit of time to produce enough milk to satisfy this hungry colt. Below we have given Sally extra grain and she was even letting him stick his nose in the bucket to taste it.
It is very hot outside today so they will stay inside until the sun gets ready to set. How THANKFUL and HAPPY we are that Eli has a mother. Praise God!
Our next mare due is Rosaleigh. She has a full udder and is waxing but not testing yet where we are worried that she will deliver today. She is actually due July 7th but it is not unusual for a Friesian to deliver 3 weeks early so we are prepared. We took a few pictures of her today for the website. She is due in 25 days and we hope she will hold off for at least a few more days in hopes this hot spell of 90 + degree weather will break.

Obviously this mare has the HAIR gene. Once she was checked and put back, Karin pulled Evan out. Evan and Emily are performing on Friday at the Sermon on the Mount in Peoria so Karin has been working with him for Emily.

IF you would like to see Evan in person, come to Expo Gardens in Peoria, IL. The show starts at 5:30 pm with roping demonstrations for the kids with the main show starting at 6:45 pm. 

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  1. Oh happy, happy day!! 😍🤗💗
    I've been wondering, hoping and praying that everything was going well with the little one and his new adoptive mama! So sweet you named him Eli! A favorite name of mine! Thanks be to our merciful God for this beautiful miracle!