Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Indian Camp Day One

Indian camp started Tuesday  2:30 pm and was well attended. Everyone had a wonderful first day. Below are a few pictures. Below is the supply line stocking the motorhome for the trip.
 A picture before they loaded up into the motorhome for the long trip to the point. 
 Joan explaining what this camp was about and teaching them the difference between the 'Plains Indians and the Woodland Indians' 
 The younger children were put to work gathering firewood. 
 They worked together on big logs
 showing us some of the big wood gathered for the fire. 
 The older girls were put in charge of designing and making the Indian clothes while the older boys were put to work building the long house. 
 Israel digging the fire pit
 making Indian clothes
 The almost finished long house
 The line up for dinner
 A couple of beautiful Indian children
 An Indian warrior
 Some of the Indian girls 
 Inside the long house, plenty of room for all to sleep. 
 Joan taught them the rain dance (bad idea) This is the girls dancing first. 
 The warriors doing the rain dance
 Joan explaining about how the Indian's worship and how they told stories of the flood. 
 The last 2 visitors of the night. 
If you would like to see the rest of the first day pictures of Indian camp 2017 click HERE.

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