Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Indian Camp Day 2

Breakfast was suppose to be served at 8:00 am but Joan called at 6:30 am to say the Indians were all awake and hungry. Breakfast was taken over before 7:00 am. The Indians were all sitting around the fire drinking hot chocolate. They were all ready to eat.
After breakfast they went searching for clay and found some at Diane's pond. Below they are heading back each with a big clump of clay. 
Joan taught the Indians how to work the clay until it was easy to shape into a bowl by adding water and mixing the water into the clay.
 Joan set them out to dry then marked each bowl with the initial of who made it. 
 We could see rain clouds in the west coming quickly. Why oh why did Joan teach those Indians how to do the rain dance? All the bedding was taken out of the long house and placed in the camper. 
 The next job was to pick berries and cut down branches to make everyone a fishing pole. 
 It started raining big drops of water but the Indians found a nice sheltered place until the rain stopped. 

 picking berries
 Joan and Anna helped get the lines and hooks on the poles. Great grandma Rhoda put worms on for each Indian and the fishing was great. 
 I'm pretty sure every Indian caught a fish. 

 A bucket of water was brought up to wash feet before heading back to the long house for lunch. 
 Below is the lunch line
 After lunch they headed over to the farm to paint and ride the horses.
 Below they are meeting the 4 horses we used, which were Jenis, Bunni, Missy and Cookie.
 The pony painting was a hit.
 But riding the horses was even more fun than painting them. 
 After everyone got a turn in the round pen, Karin took the 4 horses over to the playground then gave trail rides from there taking out 5 sets of riders. 
 The next activity was to cut down more branches to make bows and arrows. David gave them an archery lesson. 

 Those that wanted to decorated their bows and arrows by painting them and adding beads. 
Dinner was served around 6:00 pm and they must have been hungry as not much was left. If you would like to see the rest of the pictures from today click HERE.  Mark, mom, Diane, Ruth and I all went to church together so not sure how the rest of the evening went with Indian camp but I'm sure Joan kept them entertained and busy. Church was so very good to be there, Craig Stickling reminded us exactly what Jesus did for us. 

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