Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Loading Lesson

This morning I left early for the Berean office so I would have time to stop at Sam's Club for a few groceries. We had such a good time today at that office. To read about our morning there click HERE.
Once home Star and her filly Elsa were taken into the stall and a haltering, tying, leading lesson was given to Elsa while Star ate her grain. Elsa is doing wonderful. They were taken back out to the paddock about the time the text arrived from the man who was buying our left over hay from last year. He was going to be here in a half hour. The skid steer was started, 2 of the bales moved out when a sudden thunder storm arrived. The rain was coming down in sheets but had lightened to a sprinkle when the truck and trailer arrived for the hay. By the time we had 6 bales loaded the rain had pretty much stopped but started again during supper.
After supper Madeira was taken out for a loading lesson and within 10 minutes I had her loading quietly in and out of the stock trailer without hesitation.
 The first 8 minutes though I wondered if I was going to get the job accomplished by myself. Thankfully she gave in and got in about the time the truck and trailer were back for the last 6 bales. She was taken over to the hose, hosed off, taken into the stall barn and fly sprayed then before putting her back loaded again which she did perfectly.  A GOOD day!

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