Monday, June 19, 2017

Perfect Weather for Funday Monday

The weekend was so busy that when we finally got to sleep last night morning came way to soon. We had a storm come through during the night that just dropped a quarter of an inch of rain here but we heard later it dumped 4 inches north of Peoria. Thankful for the soft gentle rain we got. The humidity is gone today, perfect for a funday Monday which was very well attended. 

Karin worked both of the stallions today taking out Evan first.
 We actually found some holes in his training. He was doing very well until I pulled Sally and Eli out. He was mad that Karin wouldn't let him look at them and kicked out at her completely forgetting his training. That is what happens during breeding season and now we know why he was so bad at the show on Saturday.  Karin made him work hard and from now on is going to put a mare and foal in the outdoor arena while he is being worked. 
The reason I took out Sally and Eli was to get some updated pictures of him for the website. This morning he was offered foal formula and rejected it completely. Sally is now producing enough milk that he isn't hungry. That sure cuts my work load. Eli is so quiet and sweet I wanted to make sure he really is getting enough and has energy. Well as soon as they were let loose in the arena he took off at a gallop. Yep he is for sure getting enough milk from Sally. 

 He had fun running around then stopped to nurse. What a beautiful sight, to see this orphan foal being cared for by Sally. 
Karin had me keep them out in the arena while she brought out Valiant. 
 Valiant wasn't as bad as Evan, he still wanted to look over at Sally but was quick to return his attention to Karin. Valiant is a soft touch. If he does something bad, he feels terrible about it. You can just see him apoligizing in his face and manner as if to say,"I'm sorry, I didn't mean it."
At 3:00 pm Karin and I took off for Middle Grove to drop off Ayanna and Jenis and pick up Star, her filly Elsa and the Andalusian mare Madeira. The horses are now in the 76 acre pasture and sometimes the drive going to that isn't passable if there has been a lot of rain but we had no trouble today. The drive is about a half mile long and the horses could hear us coming. They came galloping up to the gate to meet us which was so nice. In this pasture there are lots of places that are hard to get to, steep hills, deep valleys, lots of woods and sometimes we can't find the horses without spending a long time searching. Lily's colt was the leader of the herd today first at the gate. 
 Jewel is such a beautiful mare. Jewel was confirmed in foal last week so is back at Middle Grove enjoying the abundant grass. 
 Check out Indy's belly in the picture below. She is due August 1st but is huge. Her udder is also starting to fill so we will bring her home in about 10 days. 
 Below is Star and her filly Elsa. We were thrilled with how well behaved Elsa was. Elsa's owner is coming to meet her on Saturday so they were loaded up first. Elsa followed Star right into the trailer. Loading is no big deal when they have been hauled back and forth a few times. 
 Foxy is standing at the gate hoping Karin will pay some attention to her.  This mare has changed for the better since she was confirmed infoal. She is now part of the herd and is much better behaved. Last year she was quick to whirl and kick at one of the other horses if she thought another mare was too close. Now she knows she is safe and no longer is a threat to the other mares. 
 Below is Soul and Francesca. Francesca's sire is Valiant and this filly is going to be big. She is also for sale. Check her out on our website if interested in a Warlander (Andalusian x Friesian).  She will for sure have HAIR!
 The very sweetest filly born so far this year is Lola's filly by Valiant. She was born on Easter Sunday and we named her Easter Bonnet. She is a sweet as she is beautiful and loves people. She is also for sale and truly is going to make someone's dream come true. 
 Below is Cookie. Cookie will need to be brought home soon, she is booked for pony rides at the Goose Ranch on July 1st. We will also need to bring Bunni home for that. 
 Below is Madeira and Jenis. These two mares were hauled out to Middle Grove together and as soon as Jenis was put in the pasture, Madeira found her and the two started grazing together. 
 Below Karin is petting Wicktoria with Bethany in front. Bethany is an Evan daughter. She is very very sweet but we don't know what color she is going to end up. Her dam was a white, not gray, few spot Appaloosa so we think she is going to be a blue roan. I guess we just need to wait to see. She is for sure roaning out but may end up lighter than expected. No matter what color she is, she will be beautiful. 
 Below is Sangria, she is due Sept 14th but looks huge because of her big belly from the colic surgery years ago. 
 The only other mare that had colic surgery is Lily. Check out that big belly. Lily had 3 week old Ciera by her side when she went into surgery and was pregnant with Ayanna by just 14 days. Well the surgeon was sure she would lose the pregnancy from the stress of the surgery but she didn't and we are so thrilled we have Ayanna. 
 Below Karin is leading Madeira through the gauntlet of horses to get to the trailer. 
We were very disappointed in Madeira. She refused to get into the trailer. When I hauled her out she and Jenis were loaded together and both walked right in. While Karin held Madeira Jenis was haltered and brought back out to the trailer and of course walked right in but Madeira pulled back so hard and fast that she got away and took off running away from the herd. We didn't think she would go too far but she went out of sight. Karin was able to get her and bring her back. Jenis was put back in with the herd and then Karin worked with Madeira until she loaded and stood quietly. All of this took about an hour so I didn't get home until 5:00 pm. Mark was already here waiting for dinner which thankfully I had pretty much prepared. After supper mom invited Diane, Ruth, Rhonda and I to come play Mexican train. Ruth won the game but at least it was a close game. 

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