Thursday, June 1, 2017

Website Up and Running

This morning I had to leave the walk after one round as today was Berean day. If  you would like to read about our day there click HERE.  I was pretty tired by the time I got home but work needed to be done. Eliza and  her colt were brought into the stall for their grain then mares were teased. First out was Foxy and she said NO very dramatically. That is such a good sign that she may have settled. She screamed at Evan striking out with her front legs. When she was put back Ayanna was taken over and she also said no but much more politely. She just decided to ignore Evan and graze on the grass in front of him swishing her tail when he called to her. Madiera was not teased since she was covered yesterday.
Mark came home a little early with the new to us van. The van now has the trailer hitch all installed but we are still looking for a back seat. Right now it seats 8 but is really a 12 passenger van. We looked on Craigslist and Ebay but didn't find anything. The van is a Chevy Express 3500 year 2014.
Right after supper Eliza and her colt were put back out. She is holding her weight well and even gaining.
Philip came over and got me all set up on updating the website. Of course I had to practice after he left and added Madiera to it and updating the list page.
A couple pictures were sent today from Jamie Stone, the owner of a gorgeous Valiant filly born out of her mare Dakota 9 months ago. This filly is going to be HUGE.

Jamie is so pleased she called today to book Dakota for a repeat breeding to Valiant.

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