Thursday, June 15, 2017

Square Bales

It was cool this morning for our walk but didn't stay cool very long. The day heated up into the 90's again. Today after the Berean work Sally and Eli were brought into the stall barn and the air conditioner turned back on. So very thankful for air conditioning. Rosaleigh and her colt are still stuck inside. The 2 day old colt is doing very well. Eli gave me a scare this morning. He didn't finish his bucket of milk. My thought was he is either not feeling well or is starting to get enough milk from Sally that he isn't needing as much. The afternoon and evening feed he drank it all. Yesterday he was given 4 feedings, today I dropped it to 3 and will see how he does. Whisper was covered this morning by Evan. It took quite a while for her to show but thankful she finally did. That is her second cover.
This afternoon it was time to work inside, getting the laundry and dishes done and supper cooked. This evening Justin Herman dropped of over 60 square bales. He and I had them unloaded in 8 minutes. Now they just have to be moved and stacked. It is too hot to do it today. We have 12 round bales left from last year that I decided to post for sale on Facebook. I posted them for sale for $45.00 each and sold them in 29 minutes. The man buying them bought our left over hay last year too and was thrilled to see we would have some this year.
We are all busy getting ready for Lew's big show tomorrow at Expo Gardens in Peoria. Just in case you need a reminder. The show starts at 5:30 pm. Marty Langhoffer from Southbend, IN is bringing roping gear and will give a hands on demonstration of roping. At 6:45 pm Emily and Evan are going to be showing off. Then the main show starts at 7:00 pm.

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