Thursday, June 29, 2017

Indian Camp 2017 Day 3 FINAL DAY

A huge crack of thunder around midnight woke most of the Indians up but they all stayed put until rain starting coming down. 14 of them were put in the motor home, the rest stayed sleeping in the long house and stayed dry. Hindsight, ALL of them should have stayed in the long house. The motor home got hot, the kids did not settle down, Crosby starting crying and wanted to go home so finally at 2:30 am Joan had to call his mom to come get him. Needless to say breakfast was served a bit late this morning.
I had to run to the  Berean office for Bible distribution but got back at 10:30 am and got there just as the final horse back riding was happening. Karin took Zalena, Jenis, Bunni, Missy and Cookie out numerous times today.
After the trail rides Joan took the entire Indian village for a hike in the woods to gather food for tonight, feed some racoons, we saw a skeleton, visited a tiny house
and picked an ate fresh vegetables from a garden. On the way back they formed a hunting party and even took a hostage.
The next thing on the agenda was to swim as everyone was needing to cool off from the hike. Some of the Indian's went canoeing and some fished. After a good lunch at the playground games were played. If you would like to see some individual pictures of our Indian campers click HERE.  Many more pictures were taken of the day but those will need to wait until tomorrow to download, I'm exhausted and need to go to bed NOW. 

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