Thursday, September 1, 2011


How does one get these HUGE honkin glucosomine pills to go down the gullet? The first time I tried to take 2 at a time and started retching. The next time the capsules were taken apart, the powder mixed in a spoon with some honey. That was worse, trying to get the taste and texture out of my mouth and brain also caused gagging. Last night one pill was forced down at a time washing it down with orange juice but they still felt like they were stuck in the esophagus. So this morning I thought hot coffee would be the answer, that way once they are stuck, and of course it feels they are always stuck sideways, the hot coffee would melt them. Nope that didn't work either. Suggestions are needed please as they really do work.
It is now 6:05am and the pink in the east is just starting to lighten the sky. Gone are the 5:00am days watching the sunrise. It was amazing to watch the stars disappear as the sky starts to lighten before the sunrise colors.
A flashlight should have been taken last night while trying to get the mares out of the barn and into their paddocks. There was no moon and the starlight was not bright enough to see the paths. Today is already HOT, we have been enjoying the cool mornings but not this morning. The predicted high is 97 degrees, the foals must be kept inside for the day.
Braelyn is not coming today, the day is free for shopping, not my favorite activity but at least my favorite store is on the list. Walking into a TSC store the first impression that hits the senses is the wonderful smell of grains and leather. It is always fun browsing at everything that would be fun to try and then of course finding things we must have.

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