Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hold The Fork

We got NEW song books at church! They are Hymn's of Zion and the Tabernacle combined just like Morton has. How cool to sing songs we loved as children. After Tim Funk had the service, Dave Obergfel finished up by telling us when he was in Sunday school every week they would sing Hold the Fort and he took one of the books home with him, wondered if Hold the Fort was in this book, opened the book right to it. The song starts out "Hold the fort for I am coming". After the service Barb Geyer was telling us why that song always makes her smile. At church picnics that song was sung pretty often and also at church picnics the kids were told "don't throw away your fork, you will need it for dessert." So when they would start the singing and Hold the Fort was called out, the kids thought they were singing Hold the fork for pie is coming.
The UPS could not be done at the office today, we cut the hay yesterday so of course it rained today. Not much rain here at the farm, but at Meister's it was enough that we could not put the processed Bibles out on the loading dock. The copy machine worked great until it ran out of toner. Really, one would think after spending $42.00 on the machine it would at least have toner. I only got 5000 double sided copies made before running out. I guess that was something we should have thought to buy. We called around to buy more but no one had it in stock. Finally ordered 2 cartridges off ebay for less than the stores were trying to charge for one. The change from Bridlewood laundry was collected but not yet deposited. That will be done the next time in town.
We had a very productive day here at the farm. There is a big surprise for Karin, we will give her a hint, Steven Marchal was here. Besides the surprise for Karin, downed boards were reattached, bales moved in and general clean-up. When Steven can give us an afternoon it is amazing how much gets accomplished.
The Skyline home wants to borrow the cotton candy machine and snow cone machine. We were pretty much out of snow cone syrup, more was ordered from Concession specialist in Galesburg, IL, then Karin was asked if she would pick it up as she works in that town. She will bring it in on Friday and I'll deliver it on Saturday. Perfect timing.

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