Tuesday, September 13, 2011


When we got to the meeting place this morning Ebby and Rachel were a bit late. Ebby was embarrassed about not being on time and came running up the path to greet us. Her excuse is both Mike and Diane are not home to remind her to go to bed on time.

Rachel's excuse was she overslept (perhaps her mom should have called to remind HER to go to bed on time). Monday evenings she heads in to Peoria and Helps Matt and Lisa Waibel with one of their missions. They drive down to the South-end of Peoria, collect what seems like thousands of children, brings them back to Pleasant Home, has games, pizza, singing and devotions then takes them home. Last night her boys led the singing. What a wonderful way to spread the Good News!
As we walked over to her house to see her 'new to them' van our dogs line up about half way across the dam, scared to come any farther and this is why.

Rachel's dogs are very protective about their property, no other dogs allowed, just people.
We only did one round, I didn't want to be late for work and knew today would be a big mail day.
The copier was hooked up and turned on in the Meister Electric warehouse and we spent some time figuring it out before hauling it into our office. Spark and Dan cleaned it up, then had to put in a different outlet in our office just for that it is so big.
Eva Jean and I didn't have time this morning before lunch to try it out, we had so much mail we didn't even finish processing it, just did the studies that are taken to church for grading. Eva Jean will need to finish all the rest at her house before she takes them to Jerry and Marie Hoerr for grading. With choir tonight she won't have any time to relax, it will be work, work, work.
After lunch Spark, Dan and I spent just a few minutes trying the copier out, making 250 of our lesson number 2s then 100 of lesson number 3. It spits them out double sided quickly enough we will be able to keep this going while opening the other mail. Spark said when he first plugged it in nothing happened, it wouldn't even turn on, he thought too bad it doesn't work, $42.00 wasted along with the time and gas to go get it, then it started making a grinding sound and the thought came to him, "stand back God's working on it!" and sure enough it WORKS!!! We were running out of lessons quickly, how thankful we are to have a cheap way to make the thousands of copies we go through each month. This machine is actually rated to make 300,000 copies a month.
A check of $400.00 came today for a payment on Dalia and was deposited. Not enough to get out of debt but every little bit helps. As long as I was in Peoria, the car needed an oil change, then a gas fill-up before heading back to Hanna City.

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