Monday, September 12, 2011

Bright Night Sky

Darcy decided at 1:30am she must go outside. As the door was opened to let her out, I thought there might be lights left on somewhere out there, the sky was so bright only a few stars were showing, the moon was full with no clouds in the sky to dim the light reflecting down to the Earth. A chair was pulled up by the door and I just sat outside in the coolness of this strange light night. Not long after Darcy wanted back in Emma decided she may as well go outside also but this time as I was sitting on the chair waiting the coyotes started howling. Emma got scared, her coat standing on end as she tried to pretend she was guarding the place looking intently to the south where the howling, whining, yipping, loud noises were coming from. This coyote pack was so noisy they sounded like there were puppies being murdered. Within a few minutes Emma was GLAD to get back in the house. Even I was spooked.
Spark was sent a text at 5:30 this morning reminding him the fire truck must be moved, the last load of lime is coming and the truck needs to go through the indoor to get to the outdoor. Hopefully he can bring the sand on Thursday. We are SO close to being done. Mark ordered the caps for the 4x4 posts last night.
The puppy money is paying for the arena and that is now about gone so the outdoor arena lighting will not be ordered unless another horse sells. Too bad building supplies are so expensive.

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