Monday, September 19, 2011

JoHanna's Vet Visit

The truck and trailer were parked next to the breeding shed and on the second round of the walk, Rachel and Mike helped load, not that I needed much help as JoHanna just quietly followed her mom into the trailer. Raven saw them coming out of the paddock came running, slipped in the mud and slid into the gate splattering Diane & Ruth both in their work clothes with mud. So funny one would not know he had a bad knee when he thinks he is going to work. JoHanna was very good for Dr. Pallen, I had to tell her how this filly is only 4 months old and had been out at Middle Grove until just recently. JoHanna is almost too good to be true, standing quietly for the needle stick and just accepting of anything we ask of her.

At the vet clinic, Dr. Hoerr tells me that there are 2 Raven sons in his stall area, he could not stay to pull them out but explained which stalls they were in. Below is Moose, out of his big Saddlebred mare. Check out the tail on HIM! He is a nice big yearling.
The pictures are terrible, it was very dark in the barn and the flash had to be used washing out his beautiful bright bay color.

The picture below is one of the other yearling stud colts also by Raven. He was so funny, he had his head buried in the hay, pulled it out and this is what he looked like:

Once back the mares were let out to graze. Jenis' colt was so thrilled to run, everyone else settled right down to graze but not him, no he had to take off galloping around the fields, then back into the camera lens and off again.

Sangria would make a great demo horse for the fire station, she has that stop drop and roll down pat. Notice Jenis' colt in the background still running.

He finally did settle down when they all migrated over to the arena, just checking it out before back to grazing.

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