Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dinner at Sea N Suds

After a very lazy afternoon on the beach, we came in to shower and prepare for dinner. We planned on going at 5:30pm but Aunt Jinnie wasn't at a good stopping point with her book so ended up leaving a bit later. Sea N Suds was the restaurant of choice tonight as we could sit outside and watch the sunset.

When we wanted to sit at the picnic tables, the waiter told us we could be beware of the seagulls, they dive bomb down and steal your food. Aunt Jinnie was not about to let THAT happen and did a great job of guarding the table. Really, just look at that face, she was talking very sternly to those hapless gulls that flew away hungry.

We had a good view of the nightly show.

This is what the sun looks like with the camera upside down.

We really enjoyed the entire day, it was a blessing to be able to hear both services on line, we had a good time on the beach except when Beth stepped on an electric sting ray and was shocked, and had plenty of time in the bright sunshine. Dinner was excellent and the sunset beautiful.
Thank You God for this time of refreshing!

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