Saturday, September 10, 2011

15 & 700

Yesterday mark and I logged 700 miles in 15 hours, of course not all of that was driving, the copier was purchased from the Ohio department of transportation and there is NEVER any rushing with any state's department of transportation. The copier was originally the best money could buy with the state of Ohio paying almost $8000.00 with tax payer money and Spark won it on an auction for $42.00. It took about $220.00 of gas to go get it and bring it back.
When we arrived home Emma was the only being home to greet us, Rhoda took Darcy with her to the horse show. Emma was obviously lonely as she was overjoyed to have us home. Now if only our kids would be that glad to see us. We were too exhausted to stay up and wait for Rhoda's return, although how can one become so tired sitting in a van most of the day.
Mike called in to report Mika was feeling better. He thinks the poor horse got too cold and rugged him for the night. The next morning he was drinking, eating and all the other functions seemed to be working.
Diane called from Gulf Shores wondering how to get a few things repaired from last week's big storm. They are having beautiful bright sunshiny weather with highs in the upper 80's.
Today Mark and I are heading in to TSc for more lag bolts so we can finish the arena railing. Karin, Rhoda, and Rachel are heading to Sandridge state park for some trail riding, leaving around 10:00am, no sense in waking up early on a Saturday!

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