Saturday, September 17, 2011

More Light on the Subject

Spark was called after the deposit came for JoHanna, to order the ARENA LIGHTS. This will be a big project. The arena is set back from the barns a bit and electricity will need to be run all the way to the far end of the arena. Tall poles will need to be set in concrete on each end of the 200 foot arena and high powered sodium light fixtures will be installed at the top of each. While we were working on the arena last week, I saw a horse trailer pass the farm drive heading toward the lake.
Now anytime a horse trailer that doesn't belong to anyone in the family and to my knowledge not expected drives up I panic. Did I forget a customer? is a mare coming in to be bred? Where WILL I PUT THIS ONE? The answer was: this one was NOT FOR RAVEN!
Rachel had a sitting scheduled for a 4 year old girl and the owners brought along her pony Princess.

Aren't these pictures adorable? Rachel is an amazing photographer and captures the love of this special pair. One can just picture the little girl leading her pony down the lane all the while talking to her wonderful companion telling her of her dreams and desires.

No wonder Rachel's website is She really does capture the moment.
Mom will be picked up at 9:45am today. The wedding shower for Joe and Kayla starts at 11:00am and I'm in charge of providing the juices, coffee and creamers. The coffee will just be Folgers Classic but will offer 4 different creamers to add for flavor. Fresh squeezed orange juice along with blueberry pomegranate, apple, grape, and cherry will be the juice selection. Others are providing home baked butter braids, different kinds of breakfast casserole, and fruit. Sure hope this shower finishes up in a couple of hours. There is so much to do today at the farm. If the gate gets hung videos should be made of Sanna and her filly and JoHanna for her new owner. Even if the gate does not get hung this should be done today.

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