Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gun Toting AC Women

Oh if ONLY pictures were taken of this event. Bridlewood has had a marauder sneaking into the barn at night and wrecking havoc. A few months ago traps were set and a big old raccoon was caught in the trap. Now no one at Bridlewood and no one around the area would come shoot this big old nasty raccoon so Amy Koch had to load the trap and 45 pound animal into the back of her truck, haul it to Tremont and have her Uncle Butch shoot it but that didn't stop the havoc happening. The raccoon brought his friends and neighbors to this exclusive barn. That did it, Amy decided to buy her own gun, applied for a permit and took lessons until finally the time arrived to purchase this necessary item.
The next raccoon caught Amy hauled the cage down into the woods, took out her trusty gun and shot it between the eyes killing it instantly.

We now call her One Shot Amy. This is a warning for all the neighbors at Bridlewood, those gun toting AC women are merciless. We think we even heard Amy is practicing her drawing, there is surely no one quicker to the draw than an AC woman angry at someone messing up the barn.

Now for some business, for the first time in 21 years Bridlewood has a few openings for boarding. This is an exclusive barn, not fancy, but the horses get the best of care. At Bridlewood the boarders are very involved in every aspect of the care and well being of the horses. Cathie Trent, the Bridlewood instructor is in our opinion also the best instructor of the tri state area for teaching people to ride safely and correctly.
There are lesson ponies and horses that sometimes come up for lease.

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