Saturday, September 10, 2011

Anyone Selling?

The email below came in last night.
Hi Judy. Just a quick question. Do you know if any of your previous customers ) breeding or bred has a quiet Raven son for sale that is broke and started? (around $5000 ish)?
I figured if you knew of one it would be on your blog. I could have sold Rohans brother the other night (not that I probably would have let him go if I had him... ha!)... I think with these Raven horses.. they are so nice (unless circumstances force them or they buy with the intent to train and resale)..... people tend to keep them.

So is anyone out there selling a trained Raven son? It seems like anyone that OWNS one of these fantastic Raven sons or daughters are not quick to sell and if they are placed for sale for some reason they are sold within a few days. There are over 250 Raven babies somewhere out there, come on people share a little!
Today was a work day. Mark and I finished railing the arena. The last load of lime is to be delivered on Monday, then the sand this coming week. We still need to top the posts all the same length and cap them, then hang the gate, then get ready to RIDE.
Rhoda and Karin ended up going to Sandridge State Forest taking Ylse and Eliza.
Karin used her camera for the pictures, thanks Karin it looks like you and Rhoda had a blast.

Karin said when they walked through the campground, which was crowded with many people camping with their horses, all noise stopped and all eyes turn to them, WHAT KIND OF HORSES ARE THOSE? was going through everyone's minds. Even as Rhoda and Karin were loading up to come back all eyes were on them. I'm so pleased our horses are good loading into trailers. We sure don't want people getting a bad impression of Friesians.
After they unloaded back at the farm and before Karin left she and Rhoda helped get the heavy red gate over to the newly built arena.

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