Friday, September 9, 2011

Copier Trip

We have the massive copier into The Meister Electric van. It was touch and go if we were going to get it in or not. After driving over 360 miles and taking unexpected detours when 74 interstate was closed down, it is a good thing we were able to get it loaded. At first they tried to roll it up on the tailgate of a truck that the tailgate would drop down to the ground. This didn't work, the copier was much too big to fit even when there were three men to hold it on. They finally got a fork lift, put an old metal road sign down on the forklift then rolled the copier on that and had Mark back the van under it. We still struggled,as the copier got bound up on the rubber mat covering the van floor. After spending almost an hour working on this we were ready to take off for home. We needed to fill the gas tank up first and kind of scary Mark could only fit 16 gallons in and that was after traveling 266 miles We would assume it is because we are getting really good miliage except the first time we stopped we had 226 miles on the gauge and put in 20 gallons. We decided to put in an extra stop on the way home stopping at 160 miles. Oh yes, I guess I should mention the gas gauge doest's hoping the drive home is uneventful.

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