Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jenis & Breyer Pregnant

As the golf cart swung around the corner and headed up the drive after the walk this morning at 8:10am, it just about ran into Tim Woodley's huge truck and the first load of sand. Tim agreed that we would need 2 more loads after the first was dumped. The skid steer was fired up and the first load spread before Tim made it back with the 2nd load and the 2nd load spread as he pulled in with the third load. The arena took 66 tons of lime and 84 tons of sand. It was 12:30pm by the time the last of the sand was spread and just as I walked in the door to eat my very belated breakfast, Dr. Hoerr called, he was on his way and already across the river on 474. So no breakfast, not even a bite if the horses were to be ready for him. Sangria was being led over for an ultrasound when she starts calling to Raven, sure enough she is in season, forget the ultrasound on her. Ha and we were worried she was carrying twins, turns out she is just FAT! Sangria had colic surgery a few years back so her tummy always looks big.
Jenis was the real shock. She was over a month pregnant. That means she did get pregnant when covered on her foal heat. Dr. Hoerr sonagramed her at 15 days but missed this one. Here I made Rhoda help twitch her, Raven had a tough time getting her covered we ended up bringing Bunni over to get him excited. If only I'd listed to RAVEN, HE KNOWS, instead of forcing the issue.
Breyer, Kesha's mare was also pregnant but carrying twins. She was only covered once and wouldn't you know she settles with twins. Dr. Hoerr pinched one off and gave her a shot to make sure she keeps the other one. Ylse was our disappointment. She did not settle and had just ovulated so won't be coming in season for a couple of weeks.
Steven Marchal brought the round bale feeder that had been left at Bridlewood over. He cleaned out the boy's shelter and gave them a new round bale with the feeder secured around it. Hope this helps with the waste in their shelter. They were turned out into the field and had a blast playing while Steven was working. A new bale was also put in the breeding shed so Sangria, Sanna and the 3 babies could be put there.
Mike, Andrew, Jozef and Chad made it home from Colorado. The horses traveled well and looked great. They were glad to be back in their own pasture. The guys didn't even see an elk. As they were unloading they were asked, "did you use everything you packed?" The answer was they probably used a 4th of the stuff, but they were prepared for everything.
A lady from Florida would like Sangria's filly sticked she wants to know how tall she is at 4 months old. After looking her over Dr. Hoerr strongly suggested we not sell this one, she is a keeper but money talks and we need hay.
After a quick dinner Mark went out to the arena with the chain saw, liquid nail and 68 caps and before the sun set all the posts were capped. Now the boards need to be sealed with a weather protector and the gate hung.

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