Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The first, very first thing done once out of bed is to stumble into the kitchen and put on the coffee most times even before turning on the lights. When Mark came out into the kitchen this morning he asks "what no coffee?" It was on, just not working, the automatic pot is kaput. They just don't make things like they used to. This state of affairs must NEVER happen again, from now on we will have 2 pots just in case one goes bad.(Mark disagreed) Water is boiling and the boiling water is slowly being poured over the grounds, we must have coffee! Terrible addiction, just terrible to be so dependent on something so bad that when it is cut off I panic. There is work to do today, I MUST have this fragrant nectar to function.
We have a family interested in Sanna, I go to pull her coggins out and realize her's, Ylse's, Jenis' all expired August 18th. Where does the time go? That means another trip to the vet clinic. If I was organized Dr. Hoerr could have drawn them all when he was out last week for sonagrams. Some mornings are harder than others. At least today is TUESDAY, the day we get to work.

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