Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Body Parts

Spark and Rhonda made plans to pick us up for choir and while we were waiting a few pictures were taken of various body parts.
The first picture is of a nose, Jenis' colt now named Jakob of Horsemeister kept sticking his nose into the camera. Most of those pictures were not usable, the nose was pressed up against the lens.

The next picture is of his back leg, showing his feather at 6 weeks old,

pretty good growth until it is compared to his 3 week old half sister, Lauralee, Ribbon's filly. Check out the feather on her 2 back legs.

The neck on Jakob is most impressive, check out the muscle, the arch, the sheer presence of this boy, no wonder Dr. Hoerr felt he should be kept a stallion. And to think we have him for sale, ARE WE NUTS?

He really is the complete package when he matures he will be a fantastic TALL wonderful example of the fantasy Friesian stallion everyone desires.
Choir was really enjoyable, great to be back with our choir family. We have 16 new songs to learn. We only went through 7 tonight and each one was better than the one before, can't wait to hear the rest. Dale and Barb Geyer served lunch starring yummy root-beer floats along with fruit, chips and other goodies.

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  1. Someday when I drive to IL to visit my family I would love to stop by your horse farm and take photos! Such gorgeous horses. BTW, Falcon aka Rudy will be arriving in a couple of weeks! :)