Wednesday, September 28, 2011

LuLu's Place

After a very relaxing afternoon at the pool, Diane, Becky and Barbara took off for a long walk while the rest of us headed in to read. We are having just perfect weather, it is HOT but with the refreshing pools at Lani Kai and the Gulf right out our front door, we like the heat.
We left at 7:00pm for a late dinner at Lulu's. These people from the East coast eat late. We always thought old people quickly ran to restaurants at 4:00pm so they could have the early bird special, but not this group.
We asked for outdoor seating and were thrilled to sit right next to the inter-coastal waterway.

Where we could watch the boats and barges traveling to far and distant lands.
Dinner didn't arrive as quickly as we were used to but with the views and good company and being on vacation who cared. Aunt Jinny and Becky ordered a shrimp salad.

Mom and Diane ordered shrimp fajitas.

Barbara and I ordered MahiMahi salad which we were a bit disappointed in. After Beth's fabulous fish cooking it was surprising to have the fish presented to us cooked too long and dried out. making it tough. The rest of the food was good, their cook must not know how to prepare fish so it is tender, moist, flaky and delicious. Our problem is Beth has spoiled us for any restaurant.

Beth, who doesn't order fish was pleased with her meal, a crab dish.

After dinner we walked the extensive grounds. There is a lot to keep kids occupied at Lulu's, plenty of games, sand and water.

Once back at the condo Aunt Jinnie, Barbara, mom and I played Authors. This is a card game we played as children. Mom with her short term memory loss from her aneurysm (or what we call brain bypass) couldn't remember who asked for what and decided to write down what each person asked for setting us off with gales of laughter each time. After 2 games we were exhausted from laughing and had to quit to prepare for bed.
Just one funny note on mom's aneurysm, when she woke up after surgery, dad told her they had to do a brain transplant on her and they gave her a man's brain and how do you feel? Mom without missing a beat states, "I don't feel like cooking!"

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