Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wynne's Sire

Wynne's previous owner emailed to let me know I had the WRONG pictures up of Wynne's sire. Her papers were brought out and checked, yep, I guess there are 2 Wopkes. Wynne's sire is Wopke Fan De Slachtedyk. Not only did the owners (Excalibur Breeding Center) give permission, this is what was sent: Thank you feel free to use anything on there you need.
Most Friesian owners are GLAD to share pictures, Why not get the free publicity!

Check out his amazing amount of feathers, now we know where Wynne get's her beautiful thick curly FEATHERS!

A Special thank you to Timmy Johnson "that Friesian guy" of the Excalibur Breeding Center for allowing me to post pictures of Wynne's sire.

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