Friday, November 12, 2010

Sophie Gone

Today Sophie leaves for her new home. I'm driving her to the Indiana border where we will meet her new owners. Karin will be sad to see Sophie leave, she was a good one for the camps and youth groups but this is one less for us to feed for the winter. Hopefully the new owners will email us pictures of her foal due in March for the website.
Bible study last night was a little sad as we finished the 8 week course and will no longer assemble together as our own little small group. We loved our group, each one giving thoughtful insight. Howard and Nancy Herman hosted around their big dining room table and some Thursdays we could hardly fit another chair around. Most of the weeks we had 11 to 13 people coming. Our participants in the Titus study were; the Hodel sisters Roma, & Jeanette, their niece Pam, Barb Thomas, Dee Lehman, Tina Christ, Lillian Cagle, Mark and I and Howard and Nancy. Amie and Rebecca Moser also joined us a couple of times along with Dee's husband Bob.
We see them every Sunday but somehow it was special meeting with them in a small group once a week. The time spent in prayer is so uplifting.
Once home from Indiana, Spark's 12 passenger van will need to be reserved for Monday. Philip and Anna's group are coming home from Israel and will need to be picked up on Monday morning in Chicago from O'hare.

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