Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bake, Cook, Clean

Right after work today I will be SHOPPING. We must have enough food not just for the big Thanksgiving dinner, but breakfasts and dinner meals for our overnight guests until Sunday. I love having the family gather around the table. This year is our small year, we are only having 20. This year mom and Karin are heading down to the gulf coast to join Ruth and Fedi's family. Somehow that just doesn't seem fair.
Ruth bought a nice big turkey for only 59 cents a pound, she has it in her freezer which means I must leave early for the walk today to pick it up before the travelers leave.
It's COLD today, only 29 degrees right now, yesterday we had a record 73 degrees and we were blessed enough to be able to spend a lot of the time outdoors getting last minute chores done. In the afternoon the rain started and came down in buckets. There were tornado watches out for most of the state. Now all the feeders at the farm must be dumped and hopefully the ice won't be that thick.
Raven will be led over to Sandy and Izadora for teasing. We wanted to breed Izadora late this year which was a good thing, we somehow got too busy to check her earlier. Hopefully both mares will still cycle.

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