Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Marcia's Mare

Marcia Baer who used to be the receptionist at Hoerr Vet clinic is thinking of selling her mare. Below is the information and pictures.
2003 AQHA Foundation bred mare
Bay, strip, hind socks
1400 lb +

All of Marcia's contact information is below.
Marcia Baer
e-mail: casey@mtco.com

Marcia believes she would make a great cross with Raven. She is a big tall mare with a great disposition. If interested in learning more about her, give Marcia a call or email her.
I made it out to the farm by 7:10 this morning, the feeding was so very easy, eighteen of the horses are now at Middle Grove. The lumber for the shelter and paddock was suppose to be delivered sometime between 8:00am and noon and around 7:30 here comes the truck. We were just starting the walk so I had to take off at a run to tell him where we want the lumber dropped before he put it in the barn. Mike and Steven will be working on the paddock tonight but Mark and I won't be able to help. Taunya is bringing Addyson over for us to watch, then as soon as Rhoda arrives Mark and I will be leaving with the truck to Washington, IL to pick up a new (to us) queen size mattress and box springs from Janelle Schaefer. Janelle needs to be out of her apartment tomorrow so it must be done tonight.
Better get cleaning, Taunya should be here soon.

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