Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Parade

Mark wanted to split wood today which meant the tractor had to be hooked up to the splitter. Felt kind of bad leaving him with such a huge pile.

Around 9:40 everything was loaded and it was off to the farm to groom horses for the parade. Steven was cleaning the paddocks and had the mares out grazing, of course it is such a pretty picture the camera had to be brought out. Rebekah Davidovics showed up just in time to go buy 10 gallons of diesel fuel for the skid steer.

Izadora's colt saw Ebby coming and just had to jump up to check out what that mop of a thing could be.

The mares were brought in for grooming before loading. Sue Martin and Rebekah were great help getting them clean and shiny. Then it was off to Chillicothe for the Christmas parade.
Sue had Sanna looking good, Sanna is such a great mare, she is impressive with her large size yet so gentle. One lady came up and asked if she was a Clydesdale!

Below are Rebekah on Ribbon and Rhoda on Jenis and Sue on Sanna waiting for the start signal.

We watched 44 exhibitors go by before our group, it was a huge parade and we were starting to feel it would never end.

We were so proud of Indy, this is her second parade and was a pro! She likes the attention.

Steven and I drove back to the trailers to wait for the girls, when they got back we asked them to stay on for a few more pictures.

Rhoda and Monica took their mares by the river for some pretty shots. Rhoda had to show off Jenis' rear.

The time was flying by, the horses needed to be loaded and hauled back, by the time we reached the farm the sun starting to set. The horses unloaded, the saddles and bridles are all in a jumble stuffed into the wheelbarrow and pushed into the arena. The trailer backed in and unhooked time for HOME. A special thanks today for all of Steven's help. He arrived early enough to completely clean all the paddocks. He used his monster truck to pull 5 horses in our 4 horse trailer, then had to drive me home as Rhoda had my car.
More pictures of the parade were placed on the website on the friesian fun page.

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