Tuesday, November 23, 2010


What a cold day to stand outside on the loading dock talking on the phone. The cell phones don't work well in our office but do ring. As soon as they ring either Eva Jean or I must step out onto the loading dock. Well my cell phone rang 3 times and the office phone rang 4 times. We had a much bigger pile of mail to sort through and between the extra work, the boxes of Spanish Bibles processed for Florida and phone calls we were late getting to lunch. Eva Jean then surprised me with an early Christmas gift.

Thanks Eva Jean, My first Christmas decoration of the 2010 year!
Willie Hofstetter brought back 10 boxes of Bibles all wrapped and ready to process around 2:30pm and once they were loaded it was time to get the dreaded shopping done. Aldi was the only one on the list today where $97.00 was spent, most of it on ingredients for the 'big meal', although other staples were also purchased.
Dinner tonight was an easy build your own taco, had to do that, there was ground beef that needed using plus the avocado's were ripe!

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