Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Worming Day

The 2 cases of Panacur dewormer are now at the farm. Today Izadora, Indy and Ylse will get a double dose. Izadora & Ylse 2 full wormers and Indy one full wormer. Both mares needs to be power packed but after dealing with Samantha and her filly's horrible experience it is wise to be afraid.
Once all the horses are back from the Middle Grove farm every horse will need to be dewormed the same day using Ivermectin first for bots, then 2 months later Strongid. Both of those dewormers were purchased last year but don't expire until 2012. Still need to pick up a case of Quest for the non pregnant mares, geldings and stallions. Never ever use that on a pregnant mare, Autumn's dam aborted after using Quest on her.
Need to leave the house early this morning, the van needs to be filled with gas, then dropped off at Meister Electric before heading to the farm. Mark has the back of the car filled with tile for the office which needs to be carried inside for Greg Reed. Looks like we will need to slow up on that unless we get another sale. It is really hard to decide what to spend the very limited funds on...another shelter for the horses or tile for the bathroom. bother!

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