Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rohan Update

The buyer of Velvet's 2010 colt was kind enough to send this picture and an update.
Thanks Vicki, we LOVE updates on Raven foals.

Vicki writes: Anyway...Rohan is fine....just over our one month period. He doesn't like his new winter crinkly blanket that i paid $90 bucks for - Ha (scares him and I can't get it on him yet). But he will wear a piece of rag I got out of the scrap bin. Go figure. I think he's coming a bit out of his gangly baby maybe for a month or two till we hit another growth spurt........when I think he's photogenic again I will get some video. I am going to try and send you a picture though........(but for whatever reason I look super skinny. Ha. Not so. ) I may have to save it just for that reason.
I did want to tell you Aragon looks like a totally different horse than the video I watched of him this summer !!!! He is turning PRETTY....

I think I need to borrow her camera, I emphasized one of her sentences, hope she doesn't mind. Usually the camera adds pounds, I like the way hers works.
We were up in bed by 9:00pm last night both of us exhausted from the busy day. Around 5:30am Rhoda's radio wakes us up with a very loud radio preacher yelling. Since there is no reason to be up that early on a Saturday we don't jump right up until... I was sure my nose was smelling a new pot of COFFEE. Down the stairs at a run (it's called momentum) and find out there was no coffee on, it was all in my head. With Pavlov's dogs it was the sound of a bell that brought out the saliva, it must be Rhoda's radio that makes my brain trick my nose, that is not a nice trick.

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