Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Corruption In Chicago

Well the news this morning is mixed. Gov Quinn is holding a lead over Bill Brady BUT... Brady carried EVERY county except Cook County. Why oh WHY does Illinois have to claim corruption city Chicago? We have heard that more dead people vote in Chicago than any other city in the nation. Of course that could be a rumor. I wonder if the dead come to vote dressed or just show up in bones.
Enough politics. The bed last night was so comfortable. This is the first almost new mattress for us in 20 years. With such a good nights sleep I'll be ready to WORK today and boy does work wait. There are chaplains from Maryland, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, California and Illinois waiting for Bibles. At least 10 boxes need to be driven down to the Skyline home for wrapping, there are stacks and stacks of letters to be processed, I've fallen behind so much it almost makes me shudder.
Rebekah posted the video she made of the Sauder costume party. She did a great job so I had to copy it for here.

well done Rebekah!

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