Monday, November 29, 2010

No, No Nutcracker

The Nutcracker on horseback is sold out for December 4th. I'm sure everyone is very relieved, they won't have to go to Chicago and sit on a horse for an hour watching the nutcracker or worse according to Justin!
This gives us a free day, December 4th to have a WORK DAY! Hooray.. We decided to rent an auger for the skid steer, the bent one just didn't do the job last time. The post are already here, just have to order lumber for the shelters. Greg Reed is hired to put them up and will be ready to work for us next week.
After the walk today Steven had the trailer hooked up to his truck and we took off for Middle Grove. The horses were in the second valley and didn't come running like we expected, we needed to hike in but at least they were in sight and not at the far end of 80 acres. We had no problem loading, in fact Jewel had to be chased out of the trailer first, then Knight, Ciera and Ayanna decided to get in and check out the trailer. Everytime we wanted to load a horse we had to get one out first. Why oh why are these horses always wanting to go for a ride? We brought back Velvet, Caden, Java, Valiant and Evan and left 11 still out there. They are looking great and there is still plenty of grass for them. I wanted to bring in Wynne, she doesn't look pregnant and is due March 23rd, but had no room in the trailer. Sure hope she didn't lose her baby.
Back at the farm, Evan and Valiant were dewormed with Quest, then introduced to Raven. This went well and the three of them will share a paddock for a week or two. Both boys are very subservient, being with the herd gave them great manners.
Raven bullied them around a bit but soon stopped and when Steven left they were all sharing the hay. Steven cleaned the breeding shed paddock, put down road mix in front and a new hay bale. Rachel's mare Sandy and her filly, who is in for breeding, were put on the small side making room on the big side for Izadora and her colt as she still needs to be bred.
Steven stayed to power wash the skid steer, while I took off for home and business. December 12th is the all church caroling and all the places still needed to be called to make sure we can bring a big group for caroling.

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