Monday, November 22, 2010

Sandy In

Steven thinks Sandy is now in and should be covered today. I'll see if Rachel can help after the walk this morning. Rhoda is looking at a section D 3 year old Welsh Cob gelding as a training project. He is a liver chestnut with 4 whites. He wouldn't be good for Pony Club for over a year, a horse or pony must be 5 years old for that but after owning our Ranger, a section B Welsh Cob she has always wanted a Section D. We should find out soon if her offer has been accepted. His brother sold for $22,000.00! That is not a misprint, $22,000.00 for a PONY? This one is already 15 hands but as he is coming into his 4th year he probably won't grow much more, maybe an inch or 2.
We were wondering how long our nice weather could last, it is still a nice and warm 59degrees RIGHT NOW but big clouds are rolling in from the southwest so perhaps we will get dumped on today, glad the paddocks were all cleaned over the weekend Thanks to Steven.

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