Saturday, November 13, 2010

Inspections 2011

I received a phone call tonight from the Heritage Horse International registry.
The Horsemeister farm in Hanna City, IL is one of the facilities in the running for the 2011 inspections. Below is some of the inspection information:
Horses registered with a FEIT affiliated organization: $150.00 per horse
OPEN - Horses not registered with a FEIT affiliated organization: $165 per horse
Riding or Driving Ster performance testing (available at some locations): $50 per test
Second Standard: $50 per additional standard
FEIT offers a variety of different judging standards. Horses may be presented on more than one standard. After a horse is paid for one initial standard, each additional standard is $50 per horse, for the same horse on the same date and location, and the horse must be presented in the judging ring a second time for the second standard.
Each location must have a minimum of 12 horses signed up by the deadline date listed, or the location will have to be canceled. Once a location is marked as "Confirmed", the deadline date is removed and additional sign-ups are still welcome until the day of the inspection, provided there is still space.

Now I'll add my two cents. This is a worth while expenditure if you are going to be showing or breeding your Friesian or Friesian cross. I'm hoping, if we are picked to host we can have a good showing of RAVEN babies. At the last inspections in our area a Raven colt won grand champion OVERALL and a Raven filly took 3rd overall. Keep this in mind and if you would like more information or are considering entering email me at

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