Thursday, November 4, 2010

Emma Has a Brain

We were not sure if Emma had ANY brain matter in her big thick head but this morning proves that she must have some. On the walk Emma got about half way across the dam and stopped dead, not moving until we were on our way back. She REMEMBERED there is something over on the far side that attacks dogs and that takes a brain!
After the walk it was on the phone to Lowes, order roofing supplies for the shelter then down to Meisters to pay bills. David Jacob helped cut some metal and as he was not using the old Meister Brother truck and it has a ladder rack the metal was loaded and that truck taken to Lowes to pick up the supplies as one of the items ordered was a 2x10x16.
AT first Lowes could find no record of my order even though I paid for it when I called it in. They sent me to different desks then finally found the kid that took my phone order, he showed them the receipt and only then did they start to fill the order. The truck was pulled up and then it was wait, wait, wait as they got it all together and loaded it up. Off to the farm to unload by myself where I find out shingles and plywood are HEAVY. It was time for lunch when I arrived back at the shop. Dan, Spark, Mark and I headed to Dennys. Spark had just talked to Tim Reinhard in Haiti, poor Tim the hurricane Tomas is dropping a drenching rain but no wind so far, he was coming down a steep mountain with a very overloaded truck and trailer and his drive shaft broke. By the time he was able to stop the rig he was 6 inches from going over a cliff. Joan had to come pull him out. He is driving the rig with lots a barrels on top and the strap breaks and the barrels go rolling all over. He stops to load them back up, turns around a there is no trailer. He needs to drive back 20 minutes before he finds the trailer.
After lunch it was home to straighten up the house and check emails. There is an email from the lady that came to see Sophie on Sunday and she made an offer for her.

After talking it over with Diane we decided to take her up on the offer but first Sophie must be preg checked, we don't want to send her if she is not still pregnant.

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