Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Dinner

Clark Stoller was visiting from Gridley, IL and Peoria was BLESSED! He kept everyone's attention through out both the morning service and the afternoon service. After listening all I could say was THANK YOU! In the morning he talked about his conversion. How he came with a group to Peoria on a Saturday night for ACYF (Apostolic Christian Youth Fellowship) and spent the evening singing then leaving the singing and going to a dance. On the way home from the dance they started singing What a Friend we have in Jesus when his sister Eloise said, "I don't feel Jesus is a friend to me." That night Eloise sat up until midnight talking to their parents, then the next day started converting which started a huge revival in Gridley. To listen to Clark was to sit on the end of the seat waiting to find out what came next. In the afternoon he told us a story about the time he and his wife Vickie were on a train heading to Texas and sat next to a young women they even went to the dining car with her. He asked her why she was heading to Texas and she told him she was going to school. He ended up giving her a Bible. 20 years later their phone rings, Vickie answers the phone and it was that girl. She wanted to tell them that she did not tell them the truth 20 years ago and she was sorry. She was going down to Texas to work at a terrible job and was ashamed. She started reading the Bible got out of the job and found decent work, then ended up converting. When Vickie asked her how she found their number, she told her, Clark's name was written in the Bible.
Mom and Spark & Rhonda gave lunch which meant most of us were signed up to work. It was my turn to have Nancy so Ruth watched her while I served first setting. Fede, Ruth's husband got a deer last night and gave mom a leg which mom cooked as a roast then had us for dinner.

At the top of the plate is deer heart cooked in onions. To the left is the venison roast which was almost fork tender and so tasty. To the right is fresh green beans cooked in chicken broth with chunks of smoked ham. In the middle are the roasted potatoes and at the bottom of the plate is garden salad from mom's garden along with some of her vine ripened tomatoes. To finish out the plate is one of her special home baked muffins. For dessert we had pumpkin spice cake with vanilla ice cream. The entire meal was all absolutely DELICIOUS! After dinner Nancy blew out the candles, she loves that job.

Mom showed us the quilt she bought at the auction and told us the story about this quilt. It was hand quilted by the ladies at the church of which mom is one of the quilters. This quilt was bought by a lady then donated to the Leo Children's home auction where it was purchased for $1100.00 20 years ago. The buyer put it on the shelf and never used it so she donated it to the AC Home auction where mom bought it.

Mom put it on the guest bed, then we had to compare it with the quilt she and the other ladies made for her bed.

Both are beautiful and have an incredible amount of hand stitching but personally I like mom's pattern better. The quilting ladies meet on Mondays and Thursdays at the church and enjoy visiting while working together on these beautiful creations.
No walking tomorrow morning I leave to pick up Phil and Anna at O'Hare airport. Their plane comes in around 11:30am so will probably leave just before 8:00am.

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