Friday, November 26, 2010

Nap Time

After breakfast Jon and Kim left for home, I ran out to water Autumn and found such a nice surprise, someone had already filled the tank and placed a tank heater in, Autumn had plenty of ice free water. THANK YOU to who ever took care of her. The kids decided to all go to Riverplex for pickup basketball games and left Addyson with us. Our car stranded us at church yesterday with a dead battery so Mark tried charging the battery yesterday but it is just too old which means today he is busy taking the old battery out and replacing it with a new one.
Addyson saw the dogs taking a nap and decided she would be comfortable right between them.

But then she felt like Emma was too close and started pushing until Emma finally rolled away and gave her more room. This is one fearless little girl.

And FINALLY she feels comfortable!

Yesterday David interpreted a phone call from a man wanting 4 of our horses. After giving him all the information on each horse the man told him he would call us back either Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday to tell us when he would be able to come up from Dallas Texas to look at them, then today another call from a man interested in one of those 4. I've decided who ever actually comes with cash in hand gets the horse and no more will I hold a horse for someone that has not put money down. Too many times we turn someone down when the first buyer tells us the check is in the mail but then it never comes. By the time the second buyer is informed the horse is still available, they usually have purchased from someone else.
The other good news is supposedly the refund should be here from the Northern IL Horse Fest within 5 days. They have owed us $460.00 since the cancellation in August. The refund has been promised and promised but never arrives. Hopefully this time they are telling us the truth. It would be nice to have the money in time for Christmas.

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  1. Oh! I didn't know you were getting a refund! Thank Goodness!