Friday, November 26, 2010

More Company

The kids all came back for lunch and had just started eating when the next company showed up. Tim Dreste and his 4 girls came to see the house. Tim spent many weekends here when he was growing up. He wanted to show his girls part of his childhood. Addyson saw his little girl just her age and wouldn't leave the poor girl alone.
She was so thrilled to have a playmate her size.

After a few minutes they were doing everything together. Addyson was showing her how to give Emma back rubs.

Tim's oldest daughter Samantha was a true dog lover. She cuddled Emma, played with Darcy and just loved on both dogs.

Addyson wasn't too sure she wanted to share her toys but was fascinated that they all loved riding the rocking horse, Elizabeth is on the horse and Emma (Tim's daughter) was waiting for her turn in the picture below.

Phil, Anna, Ben and Taunya decided to take off for East Peoria but put Addyson down for a nap first and will pick her up later. Sarah left for house sitting.
Mark went out to split wood when one of the chunks got stuck in the splitter, Tim went out to help. The tractor is our old Ferguson, Mark brought home the metal dryer vent, hooked it up to the exhaust pipe of the tractor to keep fumes away. I thought it was a marvelous invention which worked great, notice the smoke coming out of it.

David and Stephanie showed up to pack and head out to Indiana to spend another Thanksgiving with some of Stephanie's family. Tim Dreste loaded up his kids and left around the same time and all of a sudden the house went from very full and noisy to completely silent. We still have Addyson here taking a nap but the sound of silence may wake her up she has been sleeping through a ROAR of the sound of kids playing.

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